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Climate Change™ Roundup: Backyard Gardens in Crosshairs

Climate Change™ Roundup: Backyard Gardens in Crosshairs

“Here comes an avalanche of [Climate Change™] bullshit.” -Marla Singer

John Kerry at Davos: ‘No one politician’ can resist Climate Change™ policy


If you wound up with a different President who was opposed to climate crisis, I got news for you. No one politician anywhere in the world can undo what is happening now…The only issue for all of us is not whether or not we can get or will get to a low carbon, no carbon economy globally. We will. The only question is, will we get there in time to meet the challenge of the scientists in order to avoid the worst consequences of this crisis. That is what is at stake.”
-John Kerry, ‘Special Presidential Envoy for Climate’

Mind you, John Kerry’s “climate office” hoovers up $4.3 million in taxpayer money every year (well, technically, it’s just piled onto the national debt, but in theory taxpayer money) in order to ferry him around the globe on private jets giving the finger to the American voter.

And America started a war with King George over tea tax. Bathe in the juxtaposition.

Obviously, the non-domestic-terrorist interpretation of Kerry’s words is that dismissing out of hand the policy preferences of a duly elected leader in a “democracy” is in no way contradictory to the elites’ professed deep and abiding appreciation for Democracy™.

Only a white supremacist would see any cognitive dissonance there.

Another totalitarian Davos girl, Naomi Oreskes, issued a similar pledge to clamp down on any dissent related to the war on carbon, the essential building block of life.

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