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The First Signs of Civilization’s Collapse?

The First Signs of Civilization’s Collapse?

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From Tom Dispatch on 17 August 2023 comes a story headlined Michael Klare, A World on the Edge of … Collapse? The article is short, and it introduces a much longer article by Michael Klare, professor emeritus of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College. I’ll read the complete introductory article by Tom Dispatch editor Tom Engelhardt:

“You can hardly turn on the TV news or go online these days without seeing… well, Donald Trump, of course, and his extreme version of American politics. Every indictment of him only seems to add to his strength in what’s no longer the Republican but the Trumpublican Party. Still, speaking of extremism (and disasters), I wouldn’t put him at the top of the list. This summer has offered us a scorchingly extreme version of climate change and a planet being burned, flooded, and melted in ever more unexpected and previously unimagined ways. Records are being set regularly with the year itself all too likely to take its place as the hottest ever — until, that is, next year on a planet where the last eight years have been the warmest in recorded history.

Oh, and if you happen to live on an island, here’s a little advice: get off it fast! Islands are going up in flames. Sardinia and Cyprus in the Mediterranean are now scorching messes and Hawaii’s Maui only recently became a first-class nightmare in which some residents had to plunge into the ocean to escape the flames. And if southern Europe, seemingly in an almost endless heatwave, continues to burn, northern Europe has been experiencing startlingly torrential rains and flooding.

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