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Is The Aristocracy’s Next Psyop … Alien Invasion?

Is The Aristocracy’s Next Psyop … Alien Invasion?

These guys are just crazy enough to try it

In a January 12 post titled What Will The Aristocracy Try Next? I listed some manufactured crises that might further enrich the 1% at the expense of the rest of us. But our elites are a crafty bunch, and instead of a food shortage or cyber-attack, they’re apparently trying something more exotic: alien invasion.

Real or fake? If it’s real, and we’re in a shooting war with hyper-advanced visitors from a distant star, then there’s a decent chance that we’re done as a species (which we deserve if we’re really this stupid).

But regular people can’t do much about interstellar war, so let’s move that scenario to the back burner and focus on the much higher probability that the global deep state needs an excuse to cut interest rates back to zero and introduce central bank digital currencies, and thinks hostile aliens might be useful for quelling the unrest that spiking inflation would otherwise cause.

This is a scenario we can work with because it’s pretty much the question we were already trying to answer, i.e., how to protect our money and freedoms from a rapacious billionaire/political/corporate/military class that wants to take everything.

So … accelerate the prepping. Increase stacks of cash, gold, and silver, pay off more debt, expand the garden, and fill in the gaps in your arsenal (I’m shopping for a concealed carry pistol as this is written). An article about bug-out strategies is in the works here for next week.

As for stock market timing, one would think that the government saying “yep, we’re shooting extraterrestrials on sight” would ignite a tsunami of selling…

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