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One Great Big Nasty Prediction for 2023

One Great Big Nasty Prediction for 2023

Welcome to 2023!

The New Year’s edition of the Economic Prism is a place of wild conjecture and rough suppositions.  A place where abstract thinking is celebrated.  Imaginative cycle theories, deep metaphysics, fractal wave patterns, happy accidents, and amateur fortune tellers of all stripes are invited too.

Today, with perfect 20/20 vision, we set our sights on the year ahead.  After all, the New Year’s here.  What better time than now to peer out 12 months through our proprietary prism and report back what we see?

On the periphery, we find new dreams, new directions, and new delusions, swirling about like storm clouds interspersed with warm radiant light.  We see opportunities and contretemps.  We see doom and despair.  And we also see hope and redemption.

But what else?  What are the essential insights you should take along as you set out to make another pass around the sun?

What does the New Year have slated for stocks, the 10-Year Treasury note, gold, oil, bitcoin, and everything else?  Will junk bonds be roiled by massive corporate defaults?

Will Joe Biden’s recession turn into a depression?  Will Federal Reserve issued digital dollars – a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that’s traceable and programmable – replace the privacy of cash?

Will there be a painful inflation flareup?  Will Sam Bankman-Fried mysteriously perish?  What about Maxine Waters…will she croak too?

Will there be riots in your city?  Will the power grid meltdown?  Will California finally dry up and blow away?  Will your social credit score be tarnished for not recycling your food waste?

Are we fated for complete societal breakdown?  Will 2023 culminate in the second coming of Jesus?

The questions are limitless.  The answers are exponentially limitless.

Where to begin…

Believe In Yourself

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