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Doomberg: How to Fix the World (and if not, how to prepare)

Doomberg: How to Fix the World (and if not, how to prepare)

A conversation with the legendary Substacker Doomberg, in which he discusses big picture topics like the economy, government policies, and emergency preparedness.

A bit about my guest: Doomberg is a fellow Substack author – one of the most successful writers on the network. They write about economics, finance, energy, and a bit of politics. I highly recommend checking them out, especially if you are looking for a break from the standard news cycle. Doomberg is consistently unique in its coverage.

I can’t remember for certain, but I believe Doomberg was my initial introduction to Substack. In April of 2021, I caught them on an episode of the Grant William’s Podcast and was intrigued by, not only the Green Chicken, but their clear and seamless articulation of complex economic matters. Their rise has been meteoric, impressive to watch, and well-earned. It inspired me to write my own thoughts on a Substack (after failing to convince my friends to debate these issues with me). I only have 1.6k followers, but the journey has launched a new career path for me as I published my work at various mainstream outlets as well. Just two weeks ago, I accepted a ‘Business Reporter’ role at the Epoch Times.

I’ve had brief run-ins with Doomberg in some of my previous jobs, and they were nice enough to participate in this discussion with me. We start off by asking why Doomberg is a “prepper” and dive into various topics like economics and his view of an ideal government.

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