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The UN Reveals Plan To BAN All Fossil Fuels

The UN Reveals Plan To BAN All Fossil Fuels

I want to go over and address this climate change summit. The cop37 or whatever it’s called in Egypt has allegedly produced some extremely inflammatory rhetoric. Absolutely insane.

The scary reality is that if this rhetoric continues, it could kill hundreds of millions of people. I’m not being melodramatic, this is the cold hard truth.

I want to show you how these people are void of any cost-benefit analysis.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this is intentional, or they intentionally avoid a cost-benefit analysis, or they’re just too stupid. They’re just too emotional.

There’s a complete absence of any type of critical thinking whatsoever.

So a sinking Pacific Island nation issues a historic call for a treaty to phase out fossil fuels. And they did this at this COP27 convention, which we’ll get into later in the above video, where this UN chief comes out and basically calls for the end of all fossil fuels.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Not just gas, oil, diesel, and natural gas. And it’s not just about energy destruction. But also the death and destruction that comes with it. You’re talking about something that would likely eradicate the human race.

Without fertilizer, there would be no food. Buying necessities would be impossible.

How do you build a house that requires fossil fuels?

A tiny population, no greater than a couple of million people maximum, would know how to go back to living in caves and the Stone Age. They’d have to scrape by and find food for themselves where they could. These people would survive. Everyone else. You’re pretty much gone. And that’s not exaggerating.

It is clear that fossil fuels are not only essential to the economy, but to the continuation of civilization itself. These are just facts. Bottom line.

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