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Primitive Survival Skills: Surviving Without Supplies

Primitive Survival Skills: Surviving Without Supplies

Although modern day technology has made outdoor living easier than the last few thousand years it is still very important to have knowledge of primitive survival skills. Knowing primitive survival skills will ensure survival without gear or supplies.

A vast majority of people lately have been gathering gear and supplies for various scenarios such as natural disasters, economical collapses, and even possible martial law.  However, although having a stockpile of gear and supplies is great, preparing to survive without gear is even better.  This is because situations may occur where individuals and even entire families may not have an opportunity to gather their supplies in case of an emergency.

Primitive Survival Skills

This is where primitive survival skills come in handy.  Knowing how to stay warm, create shelter against the elements, construct weapons and tools, and of course gather and hunt for food without any modern gear will prove to be a useful feat that many others may not even be aware of.

Collect Rocks and Wood to make Weapons and Tools  

The first task that should be completed is creating tools and weapons that can be composed together from the elements that are around.  This includes sharpening rocks to be used as knives and spear like weapons as well as wrapping strips of vine around both wood and blunt rock in order to create tools such as mallets or hammers for building shelter.  Keep in mind that this task should be done immediately as the tools will provide for a much easier experience while completing the other tasks such as gathering food and building a fire.

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