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Inflation Lowered By Investment In “Intangible Goods”

Inflation Lowered By Investment In “Intangible Goods”

Inflation ahead will be contained in certain sectors of the economy. How much inflation we see is still up in the air. From a Main Street perspective, people and businesses are saying that inflation is here to stay and is not a short-lived or transient issue. Still, it is also important to remember that as supply and demand have taught us, what goes up can and often does come down. I contend and envision most of the inflation that takes place will be in hard assets and it will be the result of people losing faith in fiat currencies.When money is created or printed it has to go somewhere, and it has been fueling the “everything bubble.” While feeding the “wealth effect” and inequality, a bubble is not necessarily inflationary. All this can be a difficult concept to grasp. The important point to remember is that everything is relevant and values and prices change. Up until now, much of the newly created money has not resulted in massive inflation. This is because it has been diverted from goods everyone needs to live and into intangible assets not included in the consumer price index.

The way people view fiat currencies way be about to change in a big way, they are generally a poor place to store wealth. To be clear, I view the dollar as the best of the four fiat currencies, however, I expect all of them to come under more pressure in the near future with the yen and euro being the biggest losers. The amount of interest in cryptocurrencies and other inflation hedges is an indication many investors are losing faith in the central banks and fiat currencies. The result may be a monetary crisis and chaos that shifts people into tangibles and a self-feeding inflation loop.

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