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‘Fuel Poverty, the Cost of Living Crisis, and Climate Change’ – A Data Blog

‘Fuel Poverty, the Cost of Living Crisis, and Climate Change’ – A Data Blog

Finding solutions to immediate problems and our future needs requires some difficult decisions, and if not thought-out, short-term thinking might create contradictory responses.

This is a film of my latest ‘data blog’: Ripping apart the statistics on energy, carbon emissions, and consumption, and finding that there’s a fundamental problem with the may politics and the media are debating both energy prices, and tackling climate change.

In this analysis, using recent research and statistics on consumption in the UK, I show how those most directly responsible for climate change are the most affluent 10% or so – both globally, but even on the most affluent nations consumption there is still dominated by the top 10% of the most affluent consumers.

While politics and the media refuse to engage with this reality – and dare I say, many environmentalists who represent a far more affluent demographic than average – then there will be no solution to climate change. For without a core of global and national equity and solidarity, where those which the biggest footprint take the largest reductions, we will not be able to create the conditions where the majority of the population can have confidence that the ‘costs’ of climate adaptation are being borne equally by all.

To view the text/download the data blog, as well as the audio podcast, go to the web page for this post:http://www.fraw.org.uk/blog/posts/019…

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