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Don’t Look Up! There’s Nobody There!

Don’t Look Up! There’s Nobody There!

On December 24, 2021, Netflix released a new film titled “Don’t Look Up.” It is an apocalyptic thriller about an earth-killing asteroid and is being rated among the top 10, along with a monster flick, an art crime flick and a snuff film. As a piece of entertainment it is barely watchable; as a piece of propaganda it is most interesting. The timing of its release—immediately before the Christmas/New Year holidays—was in line with its function as a public message, designed to attract the largest possible audience, since this is the time when most people have spare time on their hands. The venue—a streaming service—allowed it to dispense with the premiere, the schmoozing and hobnobbing, which, given the subject matter and the way it is treated, could have given rise to awkward questions that would have caused considerable discomfort for all concerned. Its subject matter—the destruction of our planet—clashed severely with the subject matter of Christmas, which is the birth of Our Savior, and in the pre-Christian era of the winter solstice, which is a turn of the seasons toward spring and rebirth.

In short, those who ordered this spectacle did everything possible to make sure that as many people as possible entered the new year with the message of looming catastrophe on their minds. Who were these people? There is every reason to think that it was the oft-mentioned yet dimly perceived Deep State. The entire team behind the film is chock-full of high-profile Democrats. In turn, the Democratic party serves the interests of the Deep State, its power and reach made abundantly clear to all by the travesty that was the 2020 election…

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