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Arguing The Un-Consensus On Today’s Macro & Inflation

Arguing The Un-Consensus On Today’s Macro & Inflation

In a YouTube video Mike Green, Chief Strategist at Simplify Asset Management, attacks the idea of hyperinflation and inflation. He is not alone in pushing back on the idea inflation is about to run rampant. Despite the price rises we have been seeing, many economists claim that while inflation is likely to remain elevated for the near future we are now seeing projections it will peak in the first half of this year.During an amazing, almost two-hour video interview,  Green shares his macro view of the economy, inflation, markets, and the dynamics of today’s equity and fixed income markets. In the video titled; The Un-Consensus on Today’s Macro & Inflation, Green claims the base effects driving inflation are becoming more challenging and will not allow for it to remain elevated. He also shares his view of how stock markets have become less efficient and more ‘inelastic’ due to the proliferation of passive index investing, and where that might lead.

While price is said to be located at the intersection of supply and demand, manipulation and interventions have muddied this picture. Green keys in on the fact that price shocks and distortions have a way of working through the system, when prices rise in the capitalist system, we generally see an increase in the supply of that commodity or service. He also points to the strong role demographics play in the economy. It is important to remember while price hikes can appear inflationary they are not a big issue if they last only a short time. The price of gas from 2000 until today is an example of how wildly prices can swing. In short, if prices do not stay elevated or continue to climb, they do not add to inflation.

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We Have Witnessed Wild Price Swings In Gas Prices Over The Years

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