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The Collapse of the USA & the Rule of Law?

When we looked at our model combining the presidency, House, and the Senate, we came up with a Panic Cycle in 2021 and 2023. The Democrats better wake up because this foreign agenda has usurped their party, and Biden is clueless as to what is even taking place. The vaccines do not save lives, for the Biden Administration is using this solely to control people, and the long-term goal is to mandate boosters to retain any right whatsoever. They are bringing this in little by little, in tiny steps, because their ideas on how to change society profoundly resemble what Hitler did to Germany (see video).

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Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, is sounding the alarm bell, and Western politicians are ignoring orders from central command at the World Economic Forum. Only 17% of eligible Israelis who have not received the vaccine account for 85 coronavirus deaths in a week.

The Biden Administration has told businesses to ignore the courts and follow his commands, which in itself is outrageous. This is the complete collapse of the rule of law and one of the major signs that a government is about to fall into that same common grave that all previous governments lie in rest.

The Biden Administration has no respect for the military. If they refuse the vaccine, they will be denied healthcare and pensions. This is so unconstitutional and outrageous. One must realize that the government failing to support the military could risk the people cheering a military coup to overthrow this administration that is obviously taking orders from non-American sources. Indeed, the fate of Western civilization could be very dark if these people continue to push for their one-world government.

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