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The Corruption Continues to Surface

Recently, more sources have been confirming that indeed there was an advance notice that a “virus is coming.” I know even a few hedge funds that took positions on. This has been a very well-orchestrated panic, and it has been intended to alter the world economy. Gates, Soros, and Schwab have all contributed their ideas, so this is not the brainchild of just one character. The recent stories of Gates and his inappropriate emails flirting with employees are just another example that the knight in shining armor is more like the dark black knight of the apocalypse.

The significance of these actions is that the CONFIDENCE in Gates is starting to turn. Eventually, someone will start to investigate and come up with what is starting to come to the surface from multiple sources. I reported at the very beginning that I knew there were phone calls being made and that Schwab had sold for himself and for his World Economic Forum ahead of the COVID Crash of 2020. Others are now confirming that some hedge funds also appear to have been tipped off.

As we enter the third year of this very clever manipulation, we should expect more to surface in 2022. Gates did not resign at Microsoft because of emails hitting on girls. That was a deal that either he resigned or the DOJ would break up Microsoft under the Anti-Trust Act. Bill Gates’ character has not changed. Instead of creating a monopoly in HiTech, he has achieved that in healthcare. He is no more a philanthropist than Jeffrey Epstein. I suggest you read the book “US v Microsoft” to catch a look at Gates’ character…

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