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Let’s Talk About Infrastructure

Let’s Talk About Infrastructure

 The Hungry Horse Dam located just outside Hungry Horse, Montana

Let’s talk about infrastructure, shall we? Living in the human-built world day in and day out, we often forget that all these buildings, roads, buried pipes, wires, sewers, and literally everything else we build is not actually natural. We require nature – other plant and animal species – for the ecosystem services they provide, but nature does not require our infrastructure. Think about that deeply for a moment and realize that no other species requires our electrical grid – it only serves us, and even we don’t require it for survival; we got along fine for most ALL of the last 200,000 years or so (except for the last 150 years) without electricity. We *could* get along just fine without it now too, except we went into ecological overshoot. There is now no way to keep industrial civilization humming along without it, and this brings some rather uncomfortable facts to light as shown in this study.

So many people focus on emissions reductions but don’t realize that technology use CAN NOT reduce emissions. The only way to reduce emissions is to consume less – less food, less energy, and less products and services across the spectrum. For those who think this is not the case, please go here for the proof. Technology is an illusion not much differently than infrastructure because it literally surrounds us and practically all of our activities and daily living use it. So, learning about technology for anyone who doesn’t understand its pervasiveness in today’s culture and society is a great idea. Focusing on emissions reductions is a noble idea, but ultimately one that is somewhat misguided…

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