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Prepper’s Free PDF Library

Prepper’s Free PDF Library

“Knowledge is the key to survival. The real beauty of that is that it doesn’t weigh anything.” – Ray Mears.

Knowledge is one of the essential tools in the prepper’s inventory.  Having the latest and greatest equipment and gear won’t save you if you lack the proper knowledge of using them.  In this post, we will feature FREE PDF books and guides available for you to read in their entirety online.  I’ll add to it periodically because there’s so much information out there that can be incredibly useful to our community.  I suggest that you use a small thumb drive or even a micro SD card and download these sources and others you come across to build an electronic prepping library that you can access offline.

If you have any additional resources I didn’t cover below, feel free to reach out to me on my contact page and send me the links to PDFs you believe would benefit the community.  Check back periodically for future additions.

I also added a whole section at the bottom of this page with massive amounts of PDFs I found on other websites.  The more I have researched this topic, the more I have realized there’s, well, nearly an infinite amount of free survival PDFs you can find online.

Table of contents

Emergency Preparedness – Quick Guides & Checklists

Emergency Preparedness & Survival Manuals

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Olduvai IV: Courage
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