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What To Expect Next in the Coming Food Shortage

What To Expect Next in the Coming Food Shortage

 “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” – Thomas Jefferson.

It used to be that when a drought, flood, or frost occurred, we could see clearly the shortages that it would create. As a result, prices went up proportional to the scarcity.  We were also able to pivot our cooking to accommodate the shortage of one item and replace it with another thing.  We also used to be a lot closer to the individual farms from where our food came. However, corporate farming, record-breaking droughts and heatwaves in some places and floods and cold in others, lack of agricultural diversity, and supply chain disruptions and economics have created a complex house of cards that’s teetering. They could collapse in small ways in the next few months and much larger and more dangerous ways over the next year or two.

It’s hard to believe that a food shortage may be on the horizon when you visit your local grocery store and see well-stocked shelves.  It may be hard to see the actual food shortages and food collapses when it’s easier to simply dismiss the economics as general inflation and package shrinkage. Still, real food scarcities are looming on the horizon.  These scarcities will last into the foreseeable future and will affect you in many ways.  In this video, we will examine some of the reasons for the food shortages, what you can expect to see in the immediate future, explore the anatomy of a shortage, and I will leave you with a plan you can implement today to stay ahead of the shortages.  If you act today, you can ensure that food remains on your table when the store shelves are barren.  Let’s jump in…

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