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Government plans to reduce dependency on fossil fuels won’t work

Government plans to reduce dependency on fossil fuels won’t work

Preface. Yikes!  These government plans won’t help the energy crisis at all!  The only items I like are getting Yucca mountain ready to take nuclear waste – it’s my top priority of “what to do”. We need to sequester nuclear wastes while there is still energy so we don’t expose future generations for hundreds of thousands of years to radioactive materials.  It’s also a good idea to sequester CO2 by using it to do enhanced oil recovery.

But (A) electrify transportation?  I explain why that won’t work in When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation”. Nor will (B) enhancing the nation’s electric system, because this book also explains why the electric grid can’t stay up after fossils are gone.  (C) Enhancing the biofuels system is the worst idea of all, covered at great length in of “Life After Fossil Fuels: A Reality Check of Alternative Energy”.

I think that a few items in section II. Increasing energy access: expanding domestic supply” are inevitable when the next oil crisis begins. But they won’t won’t work. Oil shale, methane hydrates, and coal to liquids are far from commercial and a negative energy return, as explained in my books.

My best explanation of why methane hydrates won’t be possible is in energyskeptic post “Why we aren’t mining methane hydrates now – or perhaps ever”.  The IPCC includes ridiculous amounts of methane hydrates to justify their worst climate scenarios. They desperately need geologists and energy experts on their committees to explain reserves versus resources, commercially proven, and energy return on invested before they build their 2021-2022 models.

Nor will the arctic and Alaskan oil / coal / natural gas be exploited because icebergs will knock out offshore drills and permafrost will buckle roads and topple drills, bridges, and buildings (see my arctic oil posts here).

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