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How to Beat Facial Recognition Software

How to Beat Facial Recognition Software


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Imagine a world where everywhere you go, you are being watched, scrutinized, penalized, or rewarded for your behavior.  In some countries, this is is their reality.  If you run a temperature, a camera connected to some software locks the door and bars your entrance.  You step out into a walkway but catch yourself almost walking against the light, so you step back onto the sidewalk.  It’s too late, though. Your jaywalking ticket is already in the mail to you.  Imagine the marketing agencies knowing when you went into a retail store, how long you lingered, what you bought, how you paid for the items, and how they are used.

It’s not hard to imagine because the capabilities of the software, hardware, facial detection, and facial recognition software have grown tremendously over the last decade and the aggregation of data will explode over the next few years. Such systems are already in place and are already making decisions about how you can live your life.  With each passing month, the systems become more integrated with each other.  As your retail purchases database and spending habits sync up with your online search history and your income and demographics information, tying your face to the data is the final piece of the puzzle.  Once that piece is ubiquitous in public places, anything from targeted advertisements to all-point-bulletins is possible.  Doors can be locked in your face.  Tickets can be issued.  Rewards can be given, or fines can be incurred.  Your smartphone, the most prominent tracking device you willingly carry with you, is nothing compared to the exact signature of your face…

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