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It Is Important To Always Be Learning

It Is Important To Always Be Learning

The embarrassment of being one of those people that could be described as a “know it all” around the age of twenty should haunt me but I have learned from it. Thinking you have it all figured out at an early age will most likely leave you surprised as you move forward in life. Time will probably teach you that you still have a lot to learn. Life is a learning experience and one that is generally full of humbling surprises. As the ground continually shifts below us we often find ourselves on unexpected paths that become our life.

Smartphones Don’t Make People Smart

Sadly, many people do not understand the importance of continually learning and staying engaged in life. This explains why some people seldom or never pick up a book, stay current with news events, or read. A mind that is not exercised becomes weak and feeble. Such a mind slowly loses the ability to question what it is told creating a situation where it can be manipulated by propaganda.

Society has not placed continued learning as a priority on its list of values. The philosophical question of why we are here has been pushed away and replaced with what could be considered superficial concerns. An example of this can be seen as people go through life solidly attached to their cell phones, or rather smartphones which links them to everything and then some.

I’m constantly appalled by how much I learn each day and how this knowledge sheds light on all I don’t know. These new lessons tend to lead me to ask even more questions. Each sheds more light upon what we still have to learn.

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