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The Real Masters Behind the Scenes

QUESTION: Hi Martin,
I read your blog with great fascination recently as the great Covid hoax continues.
You talk about the global agenda for one world government and I sadly agree with your assessment. I do wonder though if you have an opinion on who the real masters are? David Icke calls them ‘the cult’ although he doesn’t go into details about who they really are. David appears to be off his rocker but so much of what he says makes sense and it’s easy to see how his predictions will play out in front of us. Cashless societies, massive Orwellian surveillance, electronic passports, fusion of the human race with AI and ultimately a hive-mind where humans are told what to think by their computer programs. We seem to be sleep walking into a grim future. It’s incredible how quickly we have given up our freedoms and acquiesced to the madness of lockdown in return for our ‘safety’ from the flu.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Best regards,


ANSWER: We have to be very careful about sticking to facts. It is when you go off into never-never-land and talk about AI hive links that you tend to then discredit the truth. I do not know David Icke and I do not read or listen to him. I have been critical of these conspiracy theories of creating a one-world government BECAUSE I do not see where it is rationally possible. That DOES NOT mean people do not believe that they can eliminate war stupidly assuming if there is only one government then it cannot declare war on itself. That is such a hair brain theory it really does not warrant more than its absurd. They never bothered to look at civil war and how countries break apart.

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