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Reinterpreting History – The Modern Version of Book Burning?

Reinterpreting History – The Modern Version of Book Burning?

They are going to remove the statue of Teddy Roosevelt, who ironically was a socialist, as they claim the statue is now racist because it portrays an American Indian and a black African. Teddy Roosevelt was certainly not a slave owner. The statue reflected the two continents being America (the American Indian), and Africa because Roosevelt had taken a year-long expedition to Africa. Is a statue depicting a black person representing Africa automatically racist?Video Player00:0001:20

If you look at the footage of various attacks on statues, you will notice that these are not purely blacks protesting. You will see a lot of whites in these movements. This is reflecting more civil unrest which is also frustration over the lockdown and losing jobs. The job losses have hit the youth very hard for they are often the people in service industries just getting states like waitresses and stock boys. With movies, plays, restaurants, malls, and small shops closed, it has been the youth thrown out of work with no unemployment for they were not full-time employees.

These protests are not really thought out. In some cases, this is the equivalent of the Taliban destroying the monumental statues of Gautama Buddha carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan. Then there were the museum raids by ISIS, who destroyed statues they disagreed with. This would be akin to blowing up the Pyramids because the Egyptians were pagans.

This is the statue in the Capitoline Museum in Rome depicting Romulus and Remus suckling a she-wolf based upon the myth of the founding of Rome. Should this statue now be removed because it represents somehow cruelty to animals?

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