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“I Want My Life Back” – German Anti-Lockdown Protests Worsen

“I Want My Life Back” – German Anti-Lockdown Protests Worsen

More than a thousand anti-quarantine protesters turned out for a rally in the German capital, Berlin, on Saturday, resulting in dozens of arrests. This is a continuation from last weekend as social decay worsens.

Saturday’s protest saw mainly leftist activist but also a mix of right-wing folks. Police were armed with riot gear and weapons, posted up around Rosa Luxemburg square. 

Protesters yelled, “I want my life back” and displayed signs that said, “Protect constitutional rights,” “Freedom isn’t everything, but without freedom, everything is nothing,” and “Daddy, what is a kiss?” reported Reuters.

Protesters handed out flyers entitled “Democratic Resistance,” which stated the COVID-19 pandemic is ushering in the surveillance state as the government seizes power by spreading fear. 

Police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said the city approved an event where people were to hand out flyers and follow social distancing rules — but it eventually transformed into a protest that got out of hand.  

“During coronavirus times and according to containment regulations, we are obliged to prevent a gathering,” Cablitz said. 

Some protesters abided by social distancing rules while others blatantly ignored, and were visibly upset, calling for an end of the government lockdown. Here are some of the scenes that unfolded in Berlin on Saturday:

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⚠️💥💥People in #Berlin (pictures) Stuttgart have taken to the streets to protest against a loss of freedoms amid the #coronavirus pandemic. #Germany has enacted a series of restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of #COVID19.#lockdown #Covid_19 #Merkel

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🇩🇪 GERMANY – The police in Berlin give a speech against the protest of citizens against the lockdown measures.

People reply: “We are the masses, we are the masses …” #Germany #Berlin #lockdown #Covid_19 #coronavirus

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