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Global Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 70k: Live Updates

Global Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 70k: Live Updates


  • First ‘confrontation’ reported at White House task force
  • ‘Peak week’ begins in the US
  • Experts question drop in NYC hospitalizations, deaths
  • Situation in Italy, Spain continues to improve as UK reports biggest jump in fatalities
  • Tokyo reports another 50+ cases
  • Global death passes 70k
  • NYC expected to see 876 deaths during Thursday’s “peak”
  • More experts warn deaths being undercounted in NYC
  • Germany releases plan to get “back to normal” by April 19
  • Worker at Georgia nuclear power plant tests positive
  • Spain sees drop in deaths
  • SK reports fewest new cases in weeks
  • 3rd passenger dies aboard “Coral Princess”
  • Abe rolls out state of emergency to begin Tuesday
  • Trump “optimistic” about Sunday’s data
  • Hospital operator Quorum facing bankruptcy amidst global health crisis

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Update (1010ET): Before we jump into an explanation of the projections suggesting that the “peak” in the US will occur over the next 7-10 days, we’d like to draw some more attention to reports that many COVID-19 deaths are being undercounted, both in NYC and around the US.

In recent days, both the administration and NY Gov. Cuomo appear to have settled on projections shared by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics, which took these ‘official’ projections and created graphs and helped explain the it to the press and the general public. 

outline predicted death tolls for each state, along with warnings about potential shortages of much-needed hospital beds.

Of course, the peak isn’t going to happen simultaneously across the country; rather, it’ll likely unfurl over the course of a few weeks, with most of the east-coast hot spots and their outlying areas expects to pass the peak over the next week or so. But as the city scrambles to assemble the necessary supplies of equipment and personnel, the projections warned that Thursday will likely be the ‘peak’ for the city, with roughly 900 deaths expected.

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