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⚑alse ⚑lag Terror

⚑alse ⚑lag Terror

After thousands of hours of research (and hundreds of hours since my last post), I have found many new instances of government admissions of false flag terror.

At the suggestion of a former high-level American intelligence officer, I’ve written the first-ever book focusing exclusively on ADMITTED false flag attacks: 

The countries which I document to have carried out false flags are incredibly diverse – from virtually every part of the globe – including (in alphabetical order):

  1. Algeria
  2. Britain 
  3. Burma (Myanmar)
  4. Canada
  5. Colombia
  6. Egypt
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. India
  10. Indonesia
  11. Israel
  12. Italy
  13. Japan
  14. Kuwait
  15. Macedonia
  16. Mexico
  17. Russia
  18. Rwanda
  19. Saudi Arabia
  20. South Africa
  21. Turkey
  22. Ukraine
  23. United States
  24. Venezuela

Here are a few of my newly-discovered admissions:

⚑   The use of provocateurs was so widespread in Tsarist Russia that the chief of Russia’s secret police unit admitted: [i]

“Without good provocateurs it is not possible to make a career.”

⚑   For example, a police director admitted that a prominent anti-government leader who carried out a series of assassinations of high-profile government personnel – including the Russian Minister of the Interior and the Governor of Moscow – was actually a provocatuer paid substantial sums of money by the secret police.[ii]

⚑   Another prominent anti-government assassin also admitted to being a police provocateur.[iii]

⚑   And a CIA report provided a third example:[iv]

[A] notorious provocation occurred in Paris in 1890, when Arkadiy Harting (a.k.a. Abraham Gekel’man or Landezen) organized a well-armed team of bombthrowers and then betrayed them to the Paris police. These heavily publicized arrests helped persuade the French public of the dangers posed by Russian revolutionaries in France. 

A former Okhrana officer identified Harting as a police agent, and confirmed his role in the provocation.[v]


⚑   The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) – an official South African government commission set up to investigate war crimes – found that, in 1989, a South African policeman:[i]

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