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Should People Trust CBS, ABC, NBC, NYT, WP, WSJ, BBC, AP, etc.?

Should People Trust CBS, ABC, NBC, NYT, WP, WSJ, BBC, AP, etc.?

The following facts were established and published in obscure places in 2002, well before the U.S. and UK invaded Iraq, but did you know them, from the news-reports you saw, at that time, before we invaded, on that day which will forever be remembered in infamy, as the date when America’s rabid dictatorshipbecame clearly exposed for all future history to contemplate in horror, 20 March 2003?:

The New Rulers of the World

John Pilger, 2002, Verso Books


At the time of writing, Iraq is likely to be attacked by the United States. Using sections of the American and British press as ‘conduits’, US intelligence has successfully created what the CIA in Indochina used to call a ‘master illusion’. This is the threat of Iraq’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’. There is no proof or credible evidence of any such threat, which has been denied by numerous authorities, including the former United Nations inspector in Iraq, Scott Ritter.17 However, the Iraqi ‘threat’ is central to the Bush administration’s post-September 11 strategy of ‘total war’.


The most important ‘evidence’ of Iraq’s complicity with September 11 is that the alleged leader of the Twin Towers suicide hijackers, Mohamed Atta, was supposed to have met an Iraqi intelligence agent in the Czech Republic. In the British press, the intelligence agent was promoted from being ‘low level’ (The Guardian) to ‘mid-ranking’ (Independent) to ‘senior’ (Financial Times) to the ‘head of Baghdad’s intelligence services’ (The Times). Only the Financial Times questioned whether the ‘meeting’ took place at all, or had anything to do with the destruction of the Twin Towers.97 On the BBC’s Newsnight, Mark Urban, the Foreign Office correspondent, revealed that there was ‘secret information’ about ‘a missile Saddam Hussein was planning to launch’. He provided no evidence.

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