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Fed Admits it is the World’s Central Bank – not just the USA Central Bank


Janet Yellen signaled that the Fed is grappling with the problem I have been warning about: the dollar has become the de facto currency and the Fed is indeed becoming the world’s central bank. Yellen has admitted that everyone is lobbying the Fed to surrender its domestic policy objectives for international ones. This is precisely what took place in 1927. Yellen stated that the Fed should worry less about inflation domestically than about global growth risks. She pointed to the slowdown in China and depressed commodity prices, but Europe is a real basket case. She used the words that “caution is especially warranted” when it comes to raising interest rates. This has put most Fed watchers off from expecting any possible rate hike into retirement as they expect nothing before September.

The BREXIT will most likely be rigged because it is exactly opposite of what they are telling the Brits, who have been told that they will be isolated and the economy will collapse if they exit the EU. Nobody mentions that Britain did fine before it joined the EU. They may say it did well only in 1973 or that it is the other way around — with BREXIT, Europe will fail. This heated issue in Britain is most likely the final nail in the coffin. Britain will collapse with the euro and should have just handed its sovereignty to Brussels. Europe will never reform, so it will be a policy that brings everyone down together. The political risk in Europe is tremendous and Yellen cannot prevent that simply with interest rates.


It is ironic that the conditions setting up today were also the case in 1927. The Fed back then lowered U.S. rates to try to deflect the capital inflows to help bailout Europe.

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