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Is it Government or Oligarchs?


I am a capitalist and what we have today is the least efficient form of capitalism. Actually it is quite a destructive and dangerous form of capitalism when the concentration of power reaches this level. I think that in all these years that I thought we were talking about different things, maybe we were not. You call big government what I call plutocrats controlling government. You were blaming governments, I was blaming plutocrats that we let become soo big and powerful that can buy any government…
Yet maybe we are not that far off.

… In any case… one question that I would love to ask you… how do you think we are going to fix the problem with the power structure? What I call the power structure is not the legitimate power structure, but the mix of oligarchs and corrupt government working as one cancerogenous entity. I do not see any reasonable way to fix it…?

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ANSWER: I think what you have to understand is that our structure of government being a republic rather than a democracy invites oligarchy. There has never been a single republic that has ever proven to work. The admixture of money and power always becomes lethal. This is why I blame government, not the oligarchs. They could not buy politicians if they were not (1) career lifetime politicians, and (2) all-powerful law creators. Taxes and regulations become the incentive for the oligarchs to buy government. If we eliminate taxes and career politicians, we will solve most of the problem. We then must eliminate socialism, which at its core is predicated upon the foundation of Marxism that advocates government possessing power by insisting it could alter society by regulation. This serves as a fundamental pillar for taxation.

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