Not content with continued prosecutorial immunity and trillions in taxpayer bailouts and backstops, Wall Street banksters are making moves to ensure they regulate themselves.

In case you’re still wondering who the real owners of this country are…

The Wall Street Journal reports:

ORLANDO, Fla.—Wall Street’s top lobbying group wants a closer relationship with the policy makers that oversee its member firms.

John Rogers, chairman of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and a top official at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., on Tuesday called for a standing body made up of bankers and regulators to discuss developments in policy, examination and enforcement. A key responsibility for the panel would also involve regularly providing guidance on postcrisis rules and other issues to financial firms.

Mr. Rogers said such a standing body isn’t novel, noting the Treasury Department operates such a group aimed at tackling money-laundering issues. That panel, he said, “can be extremely effective, providing regulators with valuable insight into the commercial viability and impact of their initiatives, and the industry with a greater sense of control over their destiny.”

Thanks for playin’ suckers.

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Wall Street’s definitely getting “ready for Hillary.”

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