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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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Energy guzzling NSW had to import up to 1,700 MW on 7 Jan 2018

Energy guzzling NSW had to import up to 1,700 MW on 7 Jan 2018

On the first really hot day in 2018 Sydney experienced temperatures above 45 degrees.

2018010720180107.hresFig 1: BOM Temperature map for NSW on 7 Jan 2018

These were the temperatures in Sydney’s suburbs:

Sydney_temps_7Jan2018Fig 2: Maximum temperatures on 7th January 2018 in the Sydney Metropolitan area

Energy guzzling NSW had to import 1,659 MW on Jan 7th 2018 at 16:40 NEM time. This was a Sunday during summer holidays with a comparatively low demand.

NSW_generation_imports-7Jan2018Fig 3: NEM generation, imports and demand during the afternoon

Note that solar is not included in the definition of “generation” but sits on top of the NEM demand curve. It lowers the grid supply peak as described in this graph of the Australia Institute

AEMO Dashboard

The generation and import data are from AEMO’s dashboard (NEM Dispatch Overview tab)


Fig 4: Screen shot of AEMO’s NEM dispatch tab on 7/1/2018 13:30 NEM time (14:30 AEST)

We can see that in NSW at 14:30 EAST demand of 11,608 MW was higher than generation 9,987 + 486 = 10,473 MW, a deficit of 1,135 MW.

AEMO’s dashboard also shows demand curves and electricity spot prices in a moving window of 2 days, separate for each State:

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A Beginners Guide to Blackouts

A Beginners Guide to Blackouts.

Anticipating blackouts has become a new national sport in the UK. I can recall blackouts as a child. I’m guessing this was during the first 1974 oil shock when OPEC first flexed its muscles and Britain had a lot more oil fired power generation then than it does now. But a quick check shows that Britain was also in disarray because of strikes, especially striking coal miners. Blackouts were a time of excitement where whole towns went black, citizens reached for their candles and crooks reached for their crowbars.

Things have moved on in the intervening 40 years with a much more complex society today dependent upon electronic communications, a myriad electronic devices and economic growth that is founded on reliable supplies of electricity.


Figure 1 “100 crowbars were nicked during the last blackout”

So why does the UK find itself on the threshold of blackouts? Or does it?

The difference between power cuts and blackouts

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Olduvai IV: Courage
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Olduvai II: Exodus
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