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May Day rallies turn violent in Europe, Turkey as police & protesters clash (VIDEOS)

May Day rallies turn violent in Europe, Turkey as police & protesters clash (VIDEOS)

Thousands have taken to the streets globally to mark International Workers’ Day. In several European countries demonstrations which began in a generally peaceful way turned violent and tear gas and water cannon were both deployed.

Labor Day protests in Turkey resulted in at least one death, with one man being killed in an incident in Istanbul. He was run over by a police water cannon vehicle, as the riot police presence was huge on the streets of Turkey’s largest city. Some 25,000 officers were on duty, AFP reported, with central Taksim Square having been cordoned off. To prevent people from joining the protests’ hotspot, police fired tear gas and water cannon. Over 200 people were detained, the agency reported citing the Istanbul governor’s office. Dozens of Molotov cocktails, hand grenades and fireworks were reportedly seized from protesters.

READ MORE: 1 dead, police disperse Istanbul May Day protesters with tear gas, water cannon (VIDEOS)

In the French capital, May Day celebrations coincided with nationwide escalating protests by trade unions and students taking a stand against labor reforms proposed by the French government and set to come before parliament next week. Sporadic clashes with police were reported on the streets of Paris. Riot police resorted to tear gas as groups of troublemakers in masks reportedly aimed to confront security forces. Three young people were detained, Reuters reported. Having called attacks and violence against law enforcement “unacceptable,” the country’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Sunday that authorities would “respond with the greatest of determination to these troublemakers,” as cited by AFP.

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