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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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What Civil Unrest Is Really Like: We Survived the Ferguson Riots

What Civil Unrest Is Really Like: We Survived the Ferguson Riots

When I mention the year 2014 do any events stand out in your mind?  Some of you may think of births of family members or special anniversaries or incredible vacations that you took.  You know the kind,  the ones you wish you could take every year because they were just that amazing?  Yeah, I love those too.

But when I think of 2014, two things come to mind. Let’s start with the second event.

We moved (usually a fun thing) in November of 2014.

But the reason we moved was because of another event that began in August of 2014 and continued through the end of 2014 and beyond.   The first thing that I will always think of when I hear, “the year 2014” are the images of destruction from my town of Ferguson, Missouri – images of the riots that we saw and experienced first hand while driving down streets where ruin ran rampant (say that five times fast).

Businesses were destroyed.  Personal property was demolished. It wasn’t even safe to leave your house depending on where in Ferguson you lived.

Some Background Details

We considered moving to Ferguson in the fall of 2001.  We were expecting twins and decided to buy a house in an affordable suburb of St. Louis.  We had friends who lived in the area, and they liked it.  What greater reference to the quality of the community than someone who already lives there, right?  We found a great starter house on the corner of two of Ferguson’s four main streets.

The house we chose to purchase had a small backyard, a decent sized front yard, and room for the two children we were expecting at the time to play.  We purchased the house in December of 2001 and lived there between 2001 and 2014.

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7 Questions to Help You Figure Out Where to Store All That Food

7 Questions to Help You Figure Out Where to Store All That Food

About twelve years ago, my family decided to start storing food in case one of those dreaded “what ifs” happened in our lives.

You know those “what ifs.”

“What if we lose a source of income?” “What if someone is injured and can no longer work?” “What if we are sued and don’t have enough money to cover the lawsuit?” “What if prices go up so much that we can’t afford to feed our family as well as we do now?”

Yeah. Even if your “what ifs” aren’t the same as mine, I’d be willing to bet you have your own.

So those “what ifs” drove us to start amassing food. But one of the first things that went through my mind was, “We don’t have a basement! Where are we going to store food?”

Has that thought ever crossed your mind? If you’re in a bit of a panic because you don’t know where you’re going to store your stash, I’m going to provide you with seven questions that will help you uncover not-before-thought-of-spots.

I want you to take a walk through your house one room at a time. Looking at each room with new eyes, ask yourself these seven questions.

#1) Do I have anything that I can get rid of to create more room for food storage?

Well, the first and most obvious place to store food is in your kitchen. Go through your cabinets. Do you have approximately a gazillion plastic lids, but they don’t match any of your containers? Get rid of the lids and reclaim that area for food storage. Has your one gadget drawer procreated so now you have three billowing gadget drawers? Purge the items you’ve never used and are never likely to use in an emergency. Then use that space for food storage.

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Olduvai IV: Courage
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Olduvai II: Exodus
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