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Report: US Gas Prices Could Double Soon, Amid Potential Supply Shortage

Report: US Gas Prices Could Double Soon, Amid Potential Supply Shortage

Report: US Gas Prices Could Double Soon, Amid Potential Supply Shortage
Prices for gas at an Exxon gas station on Capitol Hill are seen March 14, 2022 in Washington, DC.   (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Some gas stations across the country are already bracing for the Next Big Thing involving surging fuel prices, namely the price per gallon potentially exceeding $10.

For other stations, however, there might be no product left to sell at the pumps.

Throughout eastern Washington, according to a Post Millennial report, gas stations are running out of fuel.

In the Tri-Cities region of Kennewick, Pasco, and West Richland, customers are reportedly pulling up to pumps … only to find no gas available for purchase.

In fact, a local Facebook group has already identified 10 state stations that are currently out of fuel.

This current shortage mainly accounts for regular unleaded and premium gasolines; but the diesel supply is also in short supply, according to reports.

With the supply seemingly shrinking, and demand going way up, that naturally leads to higher fuel prices.

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A “76” gas station in Auburn, Washington has already begun reprogramming its pumps to “make room” for double-digit pricing, according to the Post.

In the report, a 76 spokesperson confirmed the national gas chain was reprogramming the functionality of its pumps, while also falling short of predicting gas prices would rise that high.

Back in January 2021, the final month of former President Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, the average price of gas was $2.41 per gallon — with some states even reporting gas at less than $2 per gallon.

In the aftermath, though, coinciding with President Joe Biden taking office, fuel prices have skyrocketed in America.

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