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Scenario Fulfillment? Why Should We Believe US on Location of Drone Shot Down By Iran?

Scenario Fulfillment? Why Should We Believe US on Location of Drone Shot Down By Iran?

The Iranian military shot down a US spy drone yesterday.  The US says the drone, a $22 million RQ-4A Global Hawk was in international airspace.  

Iran said the drone was over Iranian airspace.  Are we looking into “Scenario Fulfillment?”

Global Hawk surveillance drone.  US Air Force photoBut why should one believe the US with its history of lying?   Remember back  to 1988 when a U.S. military warship USS Vincennes, a guided missile cruiser shot down Iran Air Flight 655 with all 290 people on board including 66 children.  The regularly scheduled passenger flight was  over Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf on the routine flight path shortly after taking off from Bandar Abbas heading on the 28 minute flight to Dubai.  Its transformer was signaling it was a civilian aircraft.The USS Vincennes was in Iranian territorial waters after one of its helicopters drew warning shots from Iranian speedboats that were guarding Iranian waterways. Yet, the U.S. maintained that it was correct in shooting down a civilian aircraft that they said they thought was a military aircraft.  It was only much later that President Ronald Reagan made an apology. When we visited Iran in February 2019, at the Tehran Peace Museum, we saw that the wound of the destruction of Iran Air Flight 655 was still raw.   Knowing this from previous trips to Iran, as a citizen peace delegation, on this trip we presented a book made by a member of our delegation with the names of all of those killed on Flight 655 and with our apologies.

photo at Tehran Peace Museum.png

CODEPINK: Women for Peace February 2019 Delegation to IranPhoto by Ann Wright

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Olduvai IV: Courage
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