250,000 capitalists read the Financial Times, and it has been our undertaking to chronicle our understanding of capitalism via our book The Philosophy of Capitalism. A USA led team has answered the question ‘What is The Nature of the Monetary System?’ The Monetary system has three layers – the core is Religion and the unconscious mind – as they formed first. The outer layer is operational and intersects with geopolitics, it explains:

Why we need to beat Russia

We may see Syria as a testing ground for Imperial Power. Russia has tested our influence and shown the World it’s wanting, so it’s crucial to appreciate why and of what consequence.

Our Imperial weapons give definite form to our Empire. And nothing has shaped our Empire more than the FIAT. The deformation began in 1971, when the US imposed her Power to re-define the rules of the monetary system for her sole benefit. The ability to print IOU’s in exchange for real value is more clever than theft as we borrow and do not pay back in kind due to inflation. Our enemies, adversaries and vassals must found their financial systems upon the printed dollar which they must purchase with hard earned money. That seizure has financed a vast network of military bases, bribery, assassinations, coup d´états and perpetual war.

What’s not to like? All that Power without taxing the produce of the American people. So why have we lost in Syria?

Let’s begin by appreciating that the global “FIAT system” is responsible for our moral crisis and departure from virtue. As we embrace further the gods of greed – listen to the masses cheer for Clinton and Trump – we must recall that virtue is knowledge of what is good. We are getting weak because we have forgotten what is good for us.

Trust and Liberty

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