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Viral Video Of French Students Lined Up Execution-Style Sparks Outrage; Protesters Want Macron’s “Scalp”

Viral Video Of French Students Lined Up Execution-Style Sparks Outrage; Protesters Want Macron’s “Scalp”

A viral video of French police detaining protesting high school students “execution style” has sparked outrage, just one day ahead of planned protests across the country which were already anticipated to be particularly violent.

The footage shows the moment dozens of students protesting education reform in Mantes-la-Jolie in north-central France were arrested on Thursday – most of whom were teens from local high schools.

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Eleven Saudi Royals Arrested For Protesting Against Austerity

Members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family have apparently learned nothing from their cousin’s authoritarian tendencies. To wit, Saudi authorities on Saturday detained 11 princes after they gathered at a royal palace in Riyadh to protest austerity measures imposed by their cousin and the state’s de facto leader: Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, aka MbS.


Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

As part of the latest wave of cutbacks forced by still-low oil prices, bin Salman suspended payment of royals’ utility bills. The decision triggered a backlash among the royals who weren’t prosecuted during the Crown Prince’s “corruption crackdown”/cash grab from late last year, and they swiftly assembled at the Qasr a-Hokm, a historic royal palace, to demand the cancellation of a royal decree that stopped state payment of water and electricity bills for royal family members. The move was a rare act of defiance against the Saudi crown, per Reuters. They were also demanding compensation for a death sentence issued against a relative, local media  reported.

In light of recent “events” in Saudi Arabia, it was a rather poor decision.

The identities of the princes taken into custody have not been released. However, the leader of the group has been identified by the initials S.A.S.”Everybody is equal before the law and anyone who does not implement regulations and instructions will be held accountable, no matter who he is,” a local media website added.

Late last year, MbS imprisoned dozens of royals at the Riyadh Ritz Carlton until they agreed to fork over substantial chunks of their wealth in exchange for their freedom. The shakedown resulted in one former general being tortured to death after refusing to give in to MbS’s remunerative demands – the princes spoke up, and were promptly taken into custody.

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Democracy in Action: Arrests at Capitol Building Protests Top 1,400

Democracy in Action: Arrests at Capitol Building Protests Top 1,400 

Via Twitter

Protesters have made their voices heard in Washington D.C. Over the past week, more than 1,400 people were arrested at the Capitol for participating in the Democracy Awakening and Democracy Spring movements.

Members of Democracy Spring began protesting corporate financial influence in politics several weeks ago. They were soon joined by members of Democracy Awakening, who protested discriminatory voting laws.

USA Today reported Monday on the protests:

More arrests are expected Monday, the final day of protests when the focus of the non-violent protests turn to voting rights and timely consideration of … Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court. U.S. Capitol Police have arrested more than 900 protesters through Saturday. …

Those arrested were charged with violating a D.C. statute prohibiting “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding,” which are misdemeanors, said police spokeswoman Eva Malecki. All of those arrested were Democracy Spring-related participants. Most were processed and then released on the scene.

On Sunday, Malecki said demonstrators remained “orderly and respectful,” just as they had through the previous week.

Democracy Awakening urged their protesters to wear their “Sunday best” and to bring $50 in cash in anticipation of the planned arrests Monday.

Groups including the NAACPSierra ClubGreenpeace and Every Voice participated in the protests. Actress Rosario Dawson, who has been vocal about income inequality, was arrested Friday afternoon. Ben & Jerry’s founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, famous for their political activism as well as their ice cream, were seen stamping bail money with the words “NOT TO BE USED TO BRIBE POLITICIANS.”

Great pic of Sierra Club pres Aaron Mair getting arrested as part of  this morning! (by @Javier_SC)

Breaking: Citizens Arrested While Defending Denton, Texas Fracking Ban

Three members of the Denton Drilling Awareness Group were arrested when they refused to move away from the entrance to a fracking site where work began today.

Before arresting them, however, Sergeant Jenkins, a 30-year veteran of the Denton police department, thanked Adam Briggle, a professor at the University of North Texas, and Denton residents Niki Chochrek and Tara Linn Hunter for the work they had done.

Sergeant Jenkins thanks Adam Briggle for his service to the community. ©2015 Julie Dermansky 

The three were charged with criminal trespass and released before noon. The arrests come a week after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation that prohibits cities and towns in Texas from banning fracking.

In a prepared statement before his arrest, Briggle wrote:

“An act of civil disobedience requires you to distinguish just laws from unjust laws. I have read much about this and discussed Antigone, Thoreau, and Martin Luther King, Jr. with my students. But I have never acted until now, because never before has that distinction been so clear in my mind. A just law would give those exposed to the harms of fracking a meaningful voice. An unjust law would subordinate those voices to the dictates of the powerful and wealthy. HB 40 is an unjust law.”

Adam Briggle arrested for trespassing at a Vantage frack site. ©2015 Julie Dermansky

Tara Linn Hunter arrested for trespassing at a Vantage frack site. ©2015 Julie Dermansky

Niki Chochrek arrested for trespassing at a Vantage frack site.  ©2015 Julie Dermansky

Yesterday, before fracking within the city limits resumed, a group that supports the fracking ban, including Denton Councilpersons Kevin Roden and Keely Briggs, gathered at City Hall.

Rally in front of City Hall in support of the fracking ban. ©2015 Julie Dermansky

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