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BREAKING: Millie Weaver wasn’t arrested; she was ABDUCTED by the deep state and is being held for possible interrogation

According to deep background sources, Millie Weaver was abducted by deep state operators today and is being held under the false authority of deep state operatives. She was not arrested by any lawful process, and there was no legitimate “grand jury” indictment.

Understand that this is a fast-moving story, and new information may help clarify this story as details unfold. But to the best of what we know so far, Millie Weaver is now a political prisoner being held by the deep state.

If these sources are correct, Millie Weaver and her husband are victims of a “snatch-and-grab” operation, and a counterfeit indictment document may have been produced by the deep state, but it would have been created completely outside any legitimate process of law, much like Obama’s fake birth certificate.

Millie Weaver is now a political prisoner of the deep state. This is what they do to enemies who expose them.

But as the “Google whistleblower” Zach Vorhies explains, “sorry deepstate. You can’t stop what’s coming.” The files have already been released!

Since her abduction, a multitude of users have uploaded her film to Brighteon.com, the free speech alternative to YouTube. Brighteon.com links have all been blacklisted by Facebook and Twitter, for all the obvious reasons, but you can now watch the full documentary below:

Direct link to Brighteon.com:

Alternative, censorship-resistant link:

The hashtag #FreeMillie is already trending on social media.

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City Passes Ominous Ordinance that Could Land People in Jail for Filming the Police

filming the police

City Passes Ominous Ordinance that Could Land People in Jail for Filming the Police

Frequent readers of the Free Thought Project know that filming the cops is not a crime. Despite this being a widely known provision — held up with multiple court precedents — cops continue to violate the First Amendment protected right of citizens to film the police. Now, an entire city is going after people who wish to film police and it is nothing short of tyrannical.

A report from Tuscon.com claims a new ordinance was passed to deter “cop-haters” but in reality tramples the First Amendment. According to the new legislation, ORDINANCE NO. _11746:

A. Police officers or Community Service Officers conducting enforcement activity, investigations, and other police-related activities may restrict
2 individuals from physically entering crime scenes or areas immediately surrounding where such enforcement activity, investigations, and other police-related activities are taking place. Police Officers or Community Service Officers may establish the boundaries of a restricted area by using physical barriers, placing visual markers like caution tape, or expressly communicating that an area is temporarily restricted for police activity.

B. If a Police Officer or Community Service Officer has established a restricted area, it shall be unlawful for any person to enter the restricted area without a Police Officer’s or Community Service Officer’s express permission to enter; or to refuse to comply with a Police Officer’s or Community Service Officer’s request or direction to leave the restricted area.

While section A sounds reasonable: not allowing people to film inside crime scenes, that is already the case, which is why crime scene tape exists. However, it is section B that sounds particularly worrisome. A police officer merely needs to “establish a restricted area” in order to claim a person has violated it before charging them with a crime. Violations of this ordinance are considered a Class 2 misdemeanor punishable by a maximum $750 fine and arrest.

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Egyptian Economist Arrested for Criticizing Government

The Egyptian Economist, Abdel Khalik Farouk, is the author of more than 20 books on corruption in the Egyptian economy. His latest book, Is Egypt really poor?  was confiscated by Egyptian authorities last week on the day of publication. The owner of the printing house, Ibrahim El Khatib, was also arrested. Farouk has set out that the corruption inside the Egyptian government is what keeps the nation poor. He is correct on that score for corruption in governments, in general, are always the greatest redistribution of wealth ever created.

Then there is the Greek Chief statistician Andreas Georgiou who is now under the charge of having harmed the national interest! He was the one who corrected the faked Greek deficit number of -3,9 to the real number of -15.4%.   On August 2nd, 2010, he was appointed as President of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT). Then on August 2nd, 2015, he surprisingly resigned from office with immediate effect. This in July 2016, the Greek Supreme Court upheld charges against Georgiou for having harmed the “national interest” for effectively telling the truth.

Of course, our media is part of the corruption in general. They preach the government line and spit out propaganda and they could care less what they are doing to the United States or the world. Hillary, for example, was perhaps the peak of corruption. Here we had a politician with the audacity to pretend she stands against the “rich” and then all the super rich stand in line to buy favors. Goldman Sachswent as far as to ban its staff from even donating to the Trump campaign.

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