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Anti-Science? Scientific Reporting RE: Covid-19 mRNA vaccines

Anti-Science? Scientific Reporting RE: Covid-19 mRNA vaccines

“Anti-Science” Accusations are Anti-Scientific

“By trying to reduce “science” – which, by definition, explores doubts, complexity, and is in constant evolution – to simple messages set in stone, scientists can become the worse enemies of science.”

Paul, Brown et al, “Who is anti-science”?

We now know that a wide range of psychological manipulation methods (PsyWar and Cognitive Warfare) were deployed by western governments since early 2020 to support false narrative scaffolds that SARS-CoV-2 is a highly lethal virus, that the deployed COVID genetic vaccines were safe, effective, and necessary to prevent widespread excessive death (ergo the incorrectly modeled 3.4% case fatality rate), and innumerable other lies. Multiple examples exist which demonstrate that governmentally deployed “nudge” technology, intentional “fear” messaging targeting both children and adults, and literally thousands of funded academic studies probing methods for overcoming “vaccine hesitancy” have been deployed against the general populace.

These methods and techniques were further amplified by established legacy/corporate media and their employees, who functioned as propagandists rather than serving as independent investigators and arbiters of truthful information. Furthermore, a wide range of weaponized terms were developed and deployed as intentional smears by government, non-governmental organizations and corporate media in an attempt to censor and delegitimize scientists, physicians, and others who dared to question these promoted false narratives.

As a component of this propaganda campaign, a new lexicon was also developed and weaponized, including terms such as “anti-vaxxer”- which was quite literally redefined in Webster’s dictionary to include any who did not support vaccine mandates, as well as the notorious trio of misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation…

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