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Ten Events That Could Trigger a Stock Market Crash in 2022

Surprises aren’t surprises if you’re prepared

A man at the NYSE looks up at the ticker tape.

It is unlikely that the American stock market will crash in 2022.

Consumer spending is ramping back up, inflation is soaring, credit’s cheap and easy, and politicians are so desperate to keep this hot potato from dropping on their watch that they’ll go to nearly any length to avoid a crash.

That said, there’s no excuse not to be vigilant and extremely wary in these economically absurd times.

We can only be certain about one thing: Uncertainty.

With that in mind, let’s look at ten of the most likely surprises that could crash the stock market despite all attempts to keep the house of cards rising ever higher.

1. No more free money

The Biden administration has signaled its intention to stop printing as many stimulus trillions this year as they did last year. This is a good thing for the economy, but passive market extractors don’t like it one bit.

If the Dems fully shut down the printing press, it could trigger a market crash. But they won’t. They’ll slow it down for a bit, watch the markets totter, then fire it back up again and say, “Well hey, we tried.”

Can you blame them? Wouldn’t you print free money if you owned the money printer and could use it to get yourself re-elected?

2. Snowpocalypse

All that is necessary to extinguish the human race is for winter to blow a little colder, a little longer.

No, I’m not talking about a Day After Tomorrow situation.

More of a Texas energy fiasco, which left 4.5 million without power and water, cost tens of billions, left thousands with crippling debt, and saw more than 200 people (including a baby) freeze to death.

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