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London Gold Pool Collapse 2020s (VIDEO)

London Gold Pool Collapse 2020s (VIDEO)

To better understand where Gold is going, you have to know where it has been (gold price suppression history).

Especially in the context of our last 50+ full fiat currency regime years as only for a small single-digit percentage in that time was gold allowed to do its freaking premiere money job.

Given the ridiculous situation, central banks and fiat financialization has gotten us to in 2020, it’s only a brief time from now where the ultimate final bubble of this debt supercycle shows up in gold.

Here we dig through in detail how the City of London has often been at the center of rigging gold prices for the benefit of fiat financiers.

Such frauds and those who learned volatility injection from them (COMEX) are losing effect as the run on gold bullion have begun.

What you’re looking at in the chart above, is the inevitable free-market repricing higher, after pegging and suppressing the price of premiere money, gold bullion near $35 oz for some 35 years of time.

After the original multinational London Gold Pool price rigging operation collapsed in 1968, the fiat Federal Reserve note became the anchor to all fiat currencies everywhere (August 1971).

Last time London was at the center of politely rigging the gold price, France’s Charles de Gaulle decided to break up the price rigging party with his Exorbitant Privilege (1965) speech

The then French President spoke, in a similar tone to how a modern Vladimir Putin or a perhaps a Chinese Nationalist might today.

As you can see in that 1970-1980s gold price chart above, the yellow precious metal went to work repricing some 24Xs higher following the conspiratorial price rigging collapse.

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