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The World Economy Wreckers Of Beijing

The World Economy Wreckers Of Beijing

The desperate suzerains of the Red Ponzi are incorrigible. There appears to be no insult to economic rationality that they will not attempt in order to perpetuate their power, privileges and rule.

So now comes the most preposterous gambit yet. Namely, a veritable tsunami of state handouts to foster, yes, capitalist entrepreneurs!

That’s right. As described by Bloomberg, Premier Li Keqiang  gave the word, and, presto, nearly $340 billion poured into an instantly confected army of purported venture capital funds run by local government officialdom all over the land.

China is getting into the venture capital business in a big way. A really, really big way.

The country’s government-backed venture funds raised about 1.5 trillion yuan ($231 billion) in 2015, tripling the amount under management in a single year to 2.2 trillion yuan ($340 billion), according to data compiled by the consultancy Zero2IPO Group. That’s the biggest pot of money for startups in the world and almost five times the sum raised by other venture firms last year globally, according to London-based consultancy Preqin Ltd.

Really? These are the same folks who built themselves a 1.2 billion ton steel industry in less than two decades, representing double what they can actually use and far more capacity than the rest of the world combined. That freakish industrial eruption is now tumbling into a red hole of losses, decay, abandonment and waste, but never mind. Now the Beijing comrades are going to seed venture capitalists at 5X the rate of the entire planet?

It puts you in mind of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, which endeavored to put a steel furnace in every Chinese farmer’s back yard. Of course, when they melted down their plows and hoes for scrap, the resulting leap was not exactly forward.

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