Released 13 December 2021, Investing in Degrowth is a first-of-its-kind white paper drawing attention to the emerging degrowth economy, setting out the rationale for investing in degrowth-compatible enterprises and laying down the groundwork for deciding the core characteristics of degrowth investing.

Co-authors Jennifer Wilkins, founder of Heliocene, and Bill Murphy, Executive Director of Purpose Capital, call for New Zealand’s sustainable investing and finance communities to consider the feasibility of funding the transition to a new economy that no longer supports economic activities that fall outside safe ecological and fair social boundaries.

David Woods, a leader in impact investing and sustainable finance in New Zealand, writes in the foreword:

“We’re on an exciting journey as capitalism rediscovers itself, and it goes far beyond just greening the economy. Degrowth (including, for instance, circularity) is a significant part of this journey, and this thought-provoking white paper is a welcome addition to the canon of ideas for our country and our world.”

Download Investing in Degrowth: