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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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🔥🐸💦🔥 Rising Global Sea Surface Temperatures: Consequences, Causes, and the Faustian Bargain [Science Sunday][May 2024]

🔥🐸💦🔥 Rising Global Sea Surface Temperatures: Consequences, Causes, and the Faustian Bargain [Science Sunday][May 2024]

Myth’s Note: At first, it was supposed to be a quick joke image; months later down the research rabbit hole, and especially with recent updates, this article has become a bit of an unwieldy monster at nearly nine thousand words. This may take multiple reading sessions to get through. However, in an attempt to help readers keep track and pace themselves, I’ve organized this piece into the following sections:

I. The Watched Pot

II. A Quick Dip into SST Measurement History

III. The Consequences: Thermal Expansion, Ocean Currents, Atmospheric Energy, Habitat Destruction and Marine Heatwaves.

IV. The Causes: Anthropogenic GHG Emissions, El Niño, Aerosols and the Faustian Bargain

If you were inspired by this article to write and publish your own, then I would sincerely appreciate citation. Additionally, and if I’ve set this up correctly, there should be a text-to-speech audio version in the Substack app if you’d prefer to listen.

As always, we’ll start with a meme – and so, without further ado, please enjoy!

I. The Watched Pot

I want you all to imagine, if only for a moment, that you are a far off visitor approaching Earth. Perhaps you’ve managed to catch a ride upon the latest ship passing through the night – the first detected interstellar traveler to pass through our little solar system, ‘Oumuamua (a messenger from afar arriving first).

As you pass us by here on Spaceship Earth, you will definitely notice something rather peculiar about our pale blue dot – it’s a planet rich with water (liquid and frozen), covered by swirling clouds (mostly water vapor) above a few landmasses…

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Can geoengineering fix the climate? Hundreds of scientists say not so fast

The Biden administration is developing a controversial solar geoengineering research plan to the dismay of many experts

Proposed geoengineering methods include pumping salt water into clouds to make them more reflective of sunlight, or to place ice particles in clouds to stop them from trapping heat.
Proposed geoengineering methods include pumping salt water into clouds to make them more reflective of sunlight, or to place ice particles in clouds to stop them from trapping heat. Photograph: Charlotte Observer/MCT/Getty Images

As global heating escalates, the US government has set out a plan to further study the controversial and seemingly sci-fi notion of deflecting the sun’s rays before they hit Earth. But a growing group of scientists denounces any steps towards what is known as solar geoengineering.

The White House has set into motion a five-year outline for research into “climate interventions”. Those include methods such as sending a phalanx of planes to spray reflective particles into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, in order to block incoming sunlight from adding to rising temperatures.

Graphic showing a polar ice cap melting through an hourglass onto a city beneath.
Carbon bombs and Gulf Stream collapse: the most urgent climate stories of our time
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The work is required by Congress. It is “not new research, but a report that highlights some of the key knowledge gaps and recommendations of priority topics for relevant research”, said a spokesperson for the White House’s office of science and technology policy, adding Joe Biden’s administration wants “effective and responsible CO2 removal” as well as deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions.

Several American researchers, somewhat reluctantly, want to explore options to tinker with the climate system to help restrain runaway global heating, even as they acknowledge many of the knock-on risks aren’t fully known. “Until recently, I thought it was too risky, but slow progress on cutting emissions has increased motivation to understand techniques at the margins like solar geoengineering,” said Chris Field, who chaired a National Academies of Sciences report last year that recommended at least $100m being spent researching the issue.

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Global Dimming Keeping the Planet Habitable

Global Dimming Keeping the Planet Habitable

If you have not already seen it,  visitors to this blog  will have an interest in this 50-min documentary, “BBC Global Dimming Documentary”, via Gail Zawacki at her Wit’s End blog.

It relates to evidence obtained from the three-day aircraft grounding that occurred after 9/11 and the profound effects that just the U.S. Commercial Aircraft Flying has on Earth’s atmosphere. (One degree Centigrade increase  within three days.)
Quoting Professor Guy McPherson ;
“The impact of the aerosol masking effect has been greatly underestimated, as pointed out in an 8 February 2019 article in Science. As indicated by the lead author of this paper on 25 January 2019: “Global efforts to improve air quality by developing cleaner fuels and burning less coal could end up harming our planet by reducing the number of aerosols in the atmosphere, and by doing so, diminishing aerosols’ cooling ability to offset global warming.” The cooling effect is “nearly twice what scientists previously thought.” That this February 2019 paper cites the conclusion by Levy et al. (2013) indicating as little as 35% reduction in industrial activity drives a 1 C global-average rise in temperature suggests that as little as a 20% reduction in industrial activity is sufficient to warm the planet 1 C within a few days or weeks.”
Guy and I both believe a serious economic crash could be the end of us!
None of these risks operate in a vacuum, they are all connected.

Imagine what the carbon footprint of the largest most brutal military on the planet must be?
“According to its own study, in 2013 the Pentagon consumed fuel equivalent to 90,000,000 barrels of crude oil. This amounts to 80% of the total fuel usage by the federal government. If burned as jet fuel it produces about 38,700,000 metric tons of CO2…”

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Olduvai IV: Courage
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Olduvai II: Exodus
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