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WTF: What The Fed?!? (Round 2)

WTF: What The Fed?!? (Round 2)

Williams, Maloney, Martenson, Smith: “Trillions more reasons to be concerned”

Back in mid-January, Grant Williams, Mike Maloney, Charles Hugh Smith, Chris Martenson and I sat down for an in-depth discussion on the dangerous distortions to financial markets and the global economy that central bank intervention is causing.

That video, titled WTF: What The Fed?!? was released soon after the US Federal Reserve had added $200 billion dollars to its balance sheet in Q4 2019. At the time, we worried so much liquidity being added to the system so quickly could recklessly exacerbate the extreme overvaluations in the markets, and further increase the instability of our over-indebted economy.

Little could we have guessed that a global pandemic would soon ensue, one that has seen the central banks collectively flood the world with an additional $4 trillion so far, with (much) more anticipated to come. Sure makes that $200 billion look pretty tiny now…

So, if this group of experts was highly concerned about systemic risk pre-coronavirus, what are they thinking now?

$Trillions in new fiat currency printed in less than 2 months. Over 36 million jobs lost. A Q1 GDP drop of -5% and a predicted Q2 drop of -42.8%. And that’s just in the US alone.

These are historically unprecedented developments on a Great Depression-level scale.

The impact of the economic production loss triggered by covid-19 will be painful and with us for years. How bad will it get? What should we expect next? And why are the current prices of financial assets so divorced from the reality of the destruction to the economy?

For these answers and more, watch this 2-minute trailer for WTF: What The Fed?!? Round 2:

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Sergey Young: Will Technology Save Us?

Sergey Young: Will Technology Save Us?

Are the pessimists wrong to bet against human ingenuity?

“Technology will save us!”

That’s the most common pushback we receive to Peak Prosperity’s concerns about the dangers of exponential resource depletion, overpopulation, and overindebtedness/overconsumption.

And it’s understandable: technological advancement has achieved wonders for mankind’s standard of living at an accelerating pace over the past several centuries. Billions have been lifted out of poverty. Human health and longevity (covid-19 aside) have been greatly boosted. We have conquered the earth, seas, air and space.

Are the pessimists wrong to bet against human ingenuity?

To explore that question head-on, Chris sits down this week with Sergey Young, founder of the Longevity Vision Fund and “right hand man” to Peter Diamandis of Singularity and XPRIZE fame.

A self-described technology optimist, Sergey has created a $100 million fund to counteract the damaging consequences of aging. He’s set for himself the goal to live to be 200 years old (in the body of a 25 year old) and to find an affordable way for everyone else to do the same.

Interestingly, while Sergey is much more sanguine about society’s future prospects than we are here at Peak Prosperity, he acknowledges that the pragmatic realists are a necessary ‘yin’ to the tech passionistas’ ‘yang’.

For an optimistic futurist, Sergey is surprisingly respectful of and in agreement with our focus on sustainability and on practical models for living within our means. He admits that technology isn’t a cure-all, and goes as far to say that if the future were simply left to the starry-eyed dreamers, we’d take a lot of leaps of faith that wouldn’t end well.

For one of the most balanced conversations on this topic we’ve yet experienced, click the play button below to listen to Chris’ interview with Sven Henrich (44m:45s)

Coronavirus: The “Rescue” Is Stealing Your Wealth

Coronavirus: The “Rescue” Is Stealing Your Wealth

The elites get richer and we lose our jobs & future prospects

As we begin to get a better handle on what happens inside the body when covid-19 infects, it’s clear that early treatment makes a big positive difference.

And we’re learning of effective measures you can take at home *before* exposure to the virus that can limit your chances of getting it. A cocktail of Vitamin C + Quercetin, Vitamin D3, zinc and melatonin is being increasingly recommended by clinicians (specific dosage available in this video).


Oh…did I shout that? Sorry.

All that the $trillions in rescue bailouts/stimulus are doing is making the wealthy elites and the large corporations whole on their bad bets, while simultaneously making them richer by deforming stock prices even higher.

And what do the rest of us get? Lost jobs. A promise of a measly $1,200 check that few have yet to receive. Shattered prospects.

Those who have pillaged our system are filling their pockets before it collapses. Why the heck are we not fighting back at this more forcefully?

Mutation! Are We Now Dealing With A More Contagious Covid-19 Strain?

Mutation! Are We Now Dealing With A More Contagious Covid-19 Strain?

The G clade of the virus may explain why certain regions have been hit harder than others.

Well, it seems we are closer to solving the mystery of why some regions of the world exhibit higher covid-19 infection rates than others.

New research is revealing that covid-19 mutated early on in the pandemic to create a more transmissive strain: the G clade, which may also be associated with a higher viral load.

The G clade was dominant in Italy, which suggests that’s why the virus hit that country so much harder than many others.

In the US, New York appears to have suffered from a high percentage of G clade cases. That’s likely why the infection rate has been much higher there than in other states.

In addition to the news about the new strain, we’re also now seeing evidence that the impact of covid-19 can linger for much longer than previously appreciated. There are reports of patients still struggling with symptoms 50 or more days after onset.

To re-iterate our oft-repeated advice: You do NOT want to get this virus if you can avoid it.

Don’t forget to get your free download of Peak Prosperity’s book Prosper!. Given its relevance to preparing for any kind of crisis, pandemic or otherwise, Chris and I are now making it available to the world for free during the covid-19 lockdown.

To download your free copy, click here.

Coronavirus: Something’s Not Right Here…

Coronavirus: Something’s Not Right Here…

It’s hard not to start asking the question: Are we being played?

Following yesterday’s pimping of Gilead Science’s antiviral drug remdesivir on scant and suspect results, it’s hard not to start asking the question: Are we being played?

We’ve argued in several past videos that there is ample enough evidence that hydroxychloroquine shows enough promise in reducing/treating covid-19 that further research is merited. Instead, the drug is being demonized in the media.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. But, hey, maybe there’s a good reason that a cheap widely-available treatment that has been administered hundreds of millions of times over the past 70 years, making it one of the most medically-delivered drugs in history, is suddenly being labelled “unsafe”?

But much more maddening is that remdesivir has suddenly been promoted to “standard of care” status despite its spotty and unproven track record.

Could that have anything to do with the fact that 9 of the 50 doctors on the NIH panel setting its covid-19 treatment guidelines work for Gilead Sciences?

The conflicts of interest and profit motives rampant among our policymakers are extremely concerning. Something is not right here…

Don’t forget to get your free download of Peak Prosperity’s book Prosper!. .

Why Gardening Starts With Growing Good Soil

Why Gardening Starts With Growing Good Soil

For two months now, we’ve been advising readers to “grow a garden” in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

We’re recommending that for a number of reasons.

Food security is the primary one. Domestically, several of the small number of concentrated players in our Big Ag food supply chain have been forced to shutter production facilities due to infected employees. Internationally, we’re seeing emerging evidence that countries are preparing for “national food hoarding”, as Chris wrote about last week.

Gardening is good for your physical health, offering exercise and getting you out into the sun and fresh air — all of which are correlated with lower risk of contracting the coronavirus. It’s also beneficial for your mental health, engaging you in a productive pursuit while offering time for reflection and for communion with nature.

Great, many of those inexperienced with gardening may be thinking, But how do I get started?

We’ve got some great resources here on the site. You can start by reading our DIY instructions for creating a raised bed garden, or by reading our Agriculture & Permaculture forum thread and asking questions of the many knowledgeable gardeners there.

But whether you’re new to gardening or not, your success is rooted (pardon the pun) in appreciating that to grow healthy plants you first need to grow healthy soil.

Perhaps the top soil experts in the world are Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser, owners and operators of Singing Frogs Farm — world famous for their nature-based yet innovative approach to farming, in which no tilling of any kind is done to the soil. No pesticide/herbicide/fungicide sprays (organic or otherwise) are used. And the only fertilizer used is natural compost.

…click on the above link to read the rest of the article…

The Coronavirus Is Even More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

The Coronavirus Is Even More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

In addition to the lungs, it injures the heart, kidneys, nervous & circulatory systems, intestines and liver

Man, the more we learn about the honey badger virus (covid-19), the more we realize what a beast it truly is.

Yesterday’s video went into the damage the virus does to the lungs. It’s also becoming clear covid-19 also injures the heart, kidneys, nervous & circulatory systems, intestines and liver.

Again, you do NOT want to get this if you can avoid it.

We are also seeing that it’s a hard foe to defeat. In a growing number of ‘best case’ countries, when lockdowns are lifted, they’re having to be quickly re-instated as new outbreak blooms occur.

Meanwhile, the damage covid-19 is doing to the global economy is becoming increasingly clear – and grim. Demand has fallen by record amounts, the banking system is looking shaky, and food security is now becoming a concern.

The latter speaks to why we have been advocating for weeks now that you get busy starting or expanding your garden.



Bailouts for the rich. Barely anything for you.

Award-winning investigative journalist Matt Taibbi penned perhaps the most iconic condemnation of the bankers who created (and subsequently got bailed out during) the Great Financial Crisis:

The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

Tens years later, we find ourselves facing another crisis which, while triggered by the coronavirus instead of housing loans, has similar roots in a financial system made vulnerable by the unfair plunder of big banks and hedge funds — who are now being bailed out at vastly higher expense than in 2008.

Sadly, it seems we’ve learned very little over the past decade.

And as $trillions and $trillions in “rescue” stimulus are starting to be deployed by Congress and the Federal Reserve, it’s once again the financial power elite and corporate boardroom bigwigs who are receiving immediate and complete relief from the consequences of their actions.

But what will regular folks like you and me get? Crumbs, if anything.

And as taxpayers, we’re ultimately footing the bill (once again).

Given his intensive knowledge of the inner workings of Wall Street and its entanglement with the DC political machine, Taibbi explains how the inequity, abuse and fraud in today’s “Unfairness Economy” has become standard operating procedure — and will remain so until a serious enough social uprising takes place.

First, watch this 2-minute trailer:

And then click here to enjoy Peak Prosperity’s full interview with Matt Taibbi:

…click on the above link to read the rest of the article…

What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?

Predicting life after coronavirus

If covid-19 is indeed hastening the permanent disruption of the status quo, what will life in a post-coronavirus world look like?

In a prognosticating session building on last week’s Economic Shockwaves roundtable, John Rubino, Charles Hugh Smith and I — also joined by Chris Martenson this time — discuss the myriad ways in the future may be permanently altered by the disruptions happening right now.

How will the economy, fiat currencies, jobs & the nature of work, as well as our general lifestyle, be forced to evolve? What new solutions will be required and what shape with they take?

All this and more is addressed in this video (1-hour runtime):

These roundtables are always a good time as John, Charles, Chris and I not only enjoy each other’s company, but we find helpful value in tapping each other’s thinking. The process always creates even more questions that we want to ask one another.

After shooting this video, the group agreed that fertile future territory includes the housing market, retirement/pensions, which big cartels are most vulnerable to today’s disruption (e.g., education, health care, pharma, finance) and what benefits would emerge from breaking their industry strangleholds.

So, if you’d like to see this brain trust convene again to push deeper into this material, let us know in the Comments section below, along with any other specific topics you’d like for us to kick around.

Oh, and if you’d like to inspire your own discussions on resilience with those in your community, pick up your own RESILIENCE shirt here and join Chris and me in wearing it proudly 🙂

Coronavirus: The Solution Is Becoming Clear

Coronavirus: The Solution Is Becoming Clear

We are starting to win the war for data on covid-19

The world has been fighting covid-19 long enough that we are beginning to arrive at some constructive conclusions:

Part of the intense infectiousness of this virus is due to its long asymptomatic phase, where hosts feel fine but are shedding contagious particles. Increased testing is now showing that the majority of folks testing positive don’t realize they’re sick.

Research is showing that the recommended social distance of two meters (6.8 feet) is inadequate to protect against airborne particles. Four times that amount is more likely — reinforcing the effectiveness of both social isolating tactics (like sheltering at home) and wearing masks.

Peak Prosperity has been loudly banging the #Masks4ALL drum of late, and every day more studies emerge showing it’s one of the cheapest and most effective social responses to slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition, while standard surgical/homemade (non-N95) masks do not filter out all virus particles, they do dramatically limit their spread, both in the air and on surfaces.

This is important because this reduces the viral load someone is exposed to. Data is showing that if you receive a lower viral load, if you get sick with the virus, your case is likely to be more mild and short-lived.

We are starting to win the war for data on covid-19 and this is leading to smarter practices that will flatten the curve, reduce deaths and get folks back to work.

Finally, some encouraging news.

And for the many of us remaining under lockdown, here are some helpful recent resources we’ve released. Review them when you can:

Coronavirus: Listening To (And Rebutting) The Critics

Coronavirus: Listening To (And Rebutting) The Critics

There a new campaign to convince us covid-19 “isn’t as bad” as we’re expecting

All through February and into early March, the media was awash with headlines that scoffed “Don’t worry — it’s just the flu”.

While most of those news outlets have pivoted and are now more likely to print sensationally fearful articles (the same who accused our data driven approach as “fear mongering” just weeks ago), we’re seeing a new campaign now of opinion pieces by credentialed ‘experts’ claiming the virus may not be as bad as initially expected.

In today’s video, Chris goes through a number of these recent articles and addresses them point by point:

As empirically-driven thinkers, at PeakProsperity.com we don’t shy away from a challenge to our conclusions. We’re of the mind that the best facts should win, and if the data changes, our analysis will change with it.

But Chris doesn’t find much in these recent ‘expert’ opinions besides false hope. And poor logic.

Which just goes to underscore why we need to continue thinking for ourselves here. So many of our “leaders” and “experts” failed to warn and prepare us for this pandemic, for reasons ranging from politics to incompetence.

So keep educating yourself. And we’ll keep producing our daily updates and analysis to aid your understanding.

If you haven’t read it already, read our Coronavirus Home Lockdown Survival Guide.

We’ve written it to be a comprehensive collection of the resources you need to stay safe, sane and solvent through the covid-19 crisis.

It’s a great tool for getting everyone in your household on the same page — print it out and have them read it:

VIDEO: The Coronavirus Is The Pin Popping The ‘Everything Bubble’

VIDEO: The Coronavirus Is The Pin Popping The ‘Everything Bubble’

This will be an extinction-level event for many players

For years, Peak Prosperity has been raising a loud warning of the ‘Everything Bubble’ that the world’s central banks have blown in global asset prices.

Over that time, we’ve debated with hundreds of economic experts on what will be the trigger to “pop” this mania.

Well, now we’re finding out.

The economic damage being wrought worldwide by the coronavirus is the black swan the system never saw coming. Trade is being strangled, and the necessary productivity needed to support that massive increase in global debt that has been taken on over the past decade is just not there.

Bankruptcies are set to ripple across industries like wildfire. Mass layoffs will return with a vengeance. For certain industries — like travel, hospitality, and the shale oil drillers — this will be an extinction-level event for many players.

As ugly as the swift -19% drop in markets from from February’s highs has been, this is just the start of the reckoning, folks.

To give you a clear understanding what to expect during the bursting of the largest asset bubble in world history, Chris rushed to record this interview with John Rubino, author of The Money Bubble:

For those wondering what practical steps to take with their money as the Everything Bubble bursts: while Chris and John were recording, I was busy interviewing the lead partners from New Harbor Financial, Peak Prosperity’s endorsed financial advisor.

In the short video below, they offer their seasoned take on the current market action, what they see as most likely to happen from here, and what they recommend investors consider now:

…click on the above link to read the rest of the article…

How To Avoid Getting Infected By The Coronavirus

How To Avoid Getting Infected By The Coronavirus

This is the question on everyone’s mind as worldwide covid-19 cases blast past 100,000

As worldwide coronavirus cases blow past 100,000 sickened, the question on everyone’s mind is: “How do I avoid getting infected?”

Chris goes through the best steps for self-protection in this video (jump to the 35m:10s mark for his summary):

Crazy infectious with a serious complication rate near 15% and a case fatality rate of over 3%, many of us are likely to catch this virus, and most of us will probably know at least one person who dies from it.

And with that many sick people, the health care systems around the world are going to be overwhelmed. Even if you don’t have the virus, you still may not be able to get critical care for other health emergencies (sickness, injury, baby delivery, etc)

Chris shares some of the dozens of stories we’re receiving from health practitioners all over the world who feel shocked and betrayed by how poorly their hospitals are prepared for what’s coming.

So take steps now to increase your odds of being one of those who avoids covid-19 altogether.

Reading the coronavirus preparation megathreads available for free on PeakProsperity.com is a great way to get started:

  1. Coronavirus: Sanitation, PPE and Self Quarantine Megathread
  2. Coronavirus: Medicinals, Herbals and Supplements Megathread
  3. Coronavirus: Home Prep, Deep Pantry & Gardening Megathread

If you’re one of the many new readers here on Peak Prosperity, be sure you’re up-to-date on developments with the coronavirus. All of our latest covid-19 video updates, podcasts and articles can be accessed here for free.

And here’s a brief list of the more recent material that Chris and I have published for our premium subscribers, to give you a sense of what’s behind the paywall (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access)

…click on the above link to read the rest of the article…

We’re Close To Your Last Day To Prepare For The Coronavirus

We’re Close To Your Last Day To Prepare For The Coronavirus

As supplies fly from the shelves, you’ll have to deal using the preps you now have

A cases continue to grow exponentially in South Korea and Italy. yesterday the US recorded its first coronavirus death on the continent: a 50+ year-old man in Washington State.

Meanwhile, most hospital systems in the West are woefully unequipped for any large influx of serious respiratory patients.

After dragging its feet for seeming forever, the CDC finally “allows” states to begin testing on their own. Why this took so ridiculously long is inexplicable.

For over a month now, we’ve been consistently telling you that you need to prepare for a covid-19 in your area. Now it’s getting quite close to the  “too late” stage. Already many communities are experiencing runs on basic items like food and water.

Any actions you take from here on out need to be done ultra-responsibly and not contribute to the growing panic and hoarding.

From here on out, it’s going to be about “mitigation” (not containment) and “non-pharmaceutical interventions” or NPIs. That’s a fancy way of saying no large gatherings, no school, and no unnecessary travel or contact.

Use this last bit of precious remaining time before supplies are gone to continue do what you can.

If you’re one of the many new readers here on Peak Prosperity, be sure you’re up-to-date on developments with the coronavirus. All of our latest covid-19 video updates, podcasts and articles can be accessed here for free.

And here’s a brief list of the more recent material that Chris and I have published for our premium subscribers, to give you a sense of what’s behind the paywall (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access)

The Coronavirus Is Swiftly Breaching Defenses Across The World

The Coronavirus Is Swiftly Breaching Defenses Across The World

Things are now starting to get fast and furious.

Outside of China, covid-19 is swiftly breaching defense lines all over the world.

Italy is suddenly in big trouble — with the military being called in to enforce city quarantines.  Iran, South Korea & Japan similarly find themselves overwhelmed as new cases continue to spread unabated.

And there are many other countries (including the US) whose low reported numbers just don’t appear believable at this point. We may soon find out that there are many more infections worldwide than are currently understood.

As China, Italy, South Korea and a growing list of other countries are showing us, outbreaks can happen extremely fast, slamming the door shut on your window to prepare.

Which is why taking action now is critical — because a government lockdown will likely catch you by surprise (e.g., armed troops, empty store shelves). After the moment it’s implemented, you will have to make do with whatever measures you managed to put in place beforehand.

Meanwhile, we’re starting to be able to quantify the damage of the current shutdown of China’s economy. China is responsible for nearly 30% of world’s manufacturing, and it’s estimated that at this point global trade will take a hit of nearly $600 billion.

And it gets worse. Millions of Chinese firms are at risk of going bankrupt from lack of cash flow — a national bailout by China’s banks is likely needed to keep a huge part of its industry from vaporizing.  And on the social front, we’re hearing stories of families giving up babies they can no longer afford, as folks are becoming homeless due to lack of income.

This pain is a likely preview of what’s to come when other countries get hard-hit by this virus.

This is why the downplaying to-date of the coronavirus by world authorities has been so dangerous. The risk is real and the costs are high. The masses should be preparing now.

But until they are, we need to be ahead of the curve.

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