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Peter Schiff: Biden Lies Again on Inflation

Peter Schiff: Biden Lies Again on Inflation

This week on the Peter Schiff Show, Peter covers a week of dismal economic reports. Both jobless claims and consumer sentiment came in worse than expected last week, with both figures missing predictions by a wide margin. Peter also discusses public statements made by both Joe Biden and Donald Trump on the nature and origin of inflation.

The Fed faces a difficult choice. Does it prioritize fighting inflation or keep rates low for consumers?

“If Powell looks at these numbers and decides we need to raise rates because consumers are worried and they’re pessimistic about inflation, that’s going to make the high-interest rate problem worse. Consumers are upset about both high inflation and high interest rates. So how is the Fed going to do something about that? Because if it raises interest rates, it’s going to make that problem worse. And if it doesn’t raise interest rates, or cuts interest rates, it’s going to make the inflation problem worse.”

In a recent interview, President Biden took to blaming private companies for inflation. Peter explains how absurd this explanation is:

“He immediately changed the subject to shrinkflation and then started blaming greedy corporations. And he said, ‘We have a problem of corporate greed. That’s why everything is so expensive now.’ As if corporations weren’t greedy until Joe Biden became president. All of a sudden, Biden’s president and these corporations decide, ‘You know, let’s stick it to the consumer. We can make some extra money if we really jack up the price of food.’ Where were all these greedy corporate officers a few years back?”

Peter rebuts Biden further. If anything, corporations initially took losses in the hopes that inflation was temporary:

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