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Selco: It CAN Happen to You and You CAN Survive It

It is good to research how other people went through hard times in order to be ready more for SHTF. And today, I have a reality check for you.

The two biggest misconception or mistakes that can happen there are fact that you may easily conclude something like “oh, this can not happen to me here (because we are better, smarter, richer, more human or whatever)” and second one might be fact that you cannot “bond” with situation that happened to someone else somewhere far from you because situation was so hard and those people who survived and went through that look way tougher than you.

With these mindsets, you cannot understand and draw the most important lessons from the reality of their survival experiences.

In essence, we are talking about two opposite “spectrums” here, one that says “it will never happen here” and a second that says “if that ever happens I would not survive”

“If that ever happens, I will not survive.”

Many people read about a situation and think, I cannot survive that situation, I cannot be prepared for that.

A long time ago, when I started to construct physical survival courses, one of my first ideas was to create a course called “A Week in Hell”.

The course was imagined to look like this: life in an apartment or house for one week without electricity, running water, or any other service, and only a very small amount of food.

Other problems would be thrown at the students during that week: the psychological pressure of the unknown (a threat, dangerous people, engaging in trade) fixing broken stuff in the home (broken windows, roof) solving problems (heating, a medical issue), etc.

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