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End of the 40-Year Bull in Debt and a “Global Depression” Threat

End of the 40-Year Bull in Debt and a “Global Depression” Threat

Francis Hunt interviews Danielle DiMartino Booth in a must watch video, her most economically comprehensive yet.
End of a 40-Year Bond Bull Market

Discussion Topics

Please do yourself a favor and watch the video link below. Here are just some of topics discussed.

  • Possible end of the 40-year bull in debt, if so a “global depression” threat
  • Emerging Market Blowups
  • The Yen
  • Equity Markey Complacence – Bond Market Reacting to Reality of Higher Interest Rates, Equity Markets Say Prove Hikes Are Coming
  • Game of Chicken
  • Average age of Senators – No one will stand up to the Fed except Pat Toomey
  • Jay Powell knows the damage he did by saving BBB-rated bonds
  • Yield Curve Inversions – How Much Time Is There?
  • Watch currencies especially in countries importing energy
  • Inventories
  • De-globalization
  • Not going to get fiscal stimulus in this mid-term election year.
  • Housing wealth effect in reverse
  • Violent unwind of the carry trade (Yen and Euro)
  • Pension Plan Irony, Pension Plan Risk, Pension Plan Ponzi Schemes
  • Fed Pushes Legal Limits
  • Monetary policy favors the 1%
  • Extends and Pretend on Commercial Real Estate Loans, Midsize Banks Hold this Debt
  • Investment ideas: Look for Safe Municipals (not Illinois), Gold, Cash
  • Avoid value traps like discretionary spending and healthcare, wary of energy because of huge valuation runups

Two Teaser Quotes

In response to a question about the end of the 40-year bull market in bonds, Booth replied:

I don’t do hyperbole at all, but if this really is the end, and we really are going to see real rates rise appreciably, then you are talking about a global depression.

Later in the interview, Booth commented “If you want a front row seat with popcorn, follow the EM [emerging market] space.”

YouTube Interview 

Thanks to Danielle DiMartino Booth and Francis Hunt for an amazingly informative video interview.

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