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Taco Meat Freeze-Dried: 25 Years Shelf-Life

Taco Meat Freeze-Dried: 25 Years Shelf-Life

Freeze Dryer Meals Ready to Eat: Taco Meat (MREs)

“I wish I was full of tacos instead of emotions.” –Unknown. 

25 Year Old TacosHaving a meal ready to go in just 5-minutes with just the addition of a bit of water is an obvious game-changer.  You don’t even need water for this one.  You could crunch on it right out of the bag if you had to. Whether you are amidst a disaster or on the road fleeing to a safer location, freeze-dried foods provide a super lightweight meal ready to eat.  Even if you just rehydrate a meal in 5-minutes instead of spending an hour or more cooking it after work, you save time, money, and you get better nutrients by eating food you made yourself instead of snacks pressed and fried off an assembly line.

Continuing our adventure into freeze-drying, here we will cook up some taco meat.  You can rehydrate pounds of this with just a little hot water.  You can eat it straight out of the bag, add it on top of chips or salad, or throw it in a flour tortilla or lettuce leaf.  I like this recipe because, with a few ingredients, it is incredibly flavorful and reminds me of the food I ate growing up.  That home-cooked feel in a mylar bag, that’s what it is all about.  It’s delicious and high enough in protein and iron to keep you moving under the worst of conditions.  This is also one of the best, cheap, and easy things I’ve made in the freeze-dryer.  I highly recommend this.

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