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Is Climate Alarmism an Establishment Attempt to Restore Social Control?

Over the years, I’ve noticed pretty much every establishment attempt to push a climate agenda is accompanied by a call for people to unite. What if fear of change, of loss of control, and a desire for social unity and predictability are the real driving force behind the climate push?

Does the UK need a referendum on climate change pledges?

Critics say net-zero target has been imposed by ‘elites’ without electoral mandate

27 OCT 2021

A large proportion of the British public are in favour of a referendum on the government’s net-zero proposals, according to a new poll by YouGov.

The Tony Blair Institute’s Tim Lord rejected the idea that “elites” are behind the drive for climate action. He said “there is irony in this – as it is the poorest who will be most severely affected by unconstrained climate change”.

Lord agreed that the net-zero target was introduced in the summer of 2019 with minimal debate in the Commons and no mention of the plan in the 2017 election – but it was included in the Conservative manifesto ahead of the December 2019 election.

While delivering net zero is a “complex task” that “cannot be achieved without public support for both the overall goal, and the policies required to get there”, this “cannot mean everyone supports every measure”, he said. Consent must be drawn from a broad base and “net zero has to be based around a politics of unity, not division”.

Read more: https://www.theweek.co.uk/news/uk-news/954591/does-the-uk-need-a-referendum-on-net-zero-pledges

Here’s another call for unity;

Pope Francis praises youth activists in fight to tackle climate change

“It is said that you are the future, but in these matters, you are the present. You are those who are making the future today, in the present,” the pontiff said.

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