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World Localization Day is back!

World Localization Day is back!

June 20th 2021 marks the return of the international WLD campaign, which aims to galvanize the worldwide localization movement into a force for systemic change.

This movement is made up of myriad initiatives and groups on every continent working to rebuild community fabric, reduce ecological impact and increase human wellbeing, by bringing the economy back to the local level. Think farmers’ markets, permaculture, community gardens, small-business alliances, micro-grids, alternative education projects, and much more.

Over the last few decades, the growing localization movement has demonstrated enormous potential to reduce emissions and waste, increase productivity and jobs, improve social and mental wellbeing, and empower local communities.

Its champions have been those with the common sense to dedicate time, money and effort towards making local economies work, even in a world dominated by big corporations and globalizing ideology.

In the wake of Covid-19, the need to localize became clear for all to see. People realized the importance of shorter supply-chains and community mutual aid. They reached out to neighbors, planted seeds, and prioritized spending time with loved ones.

It was in this context that World Localization Day was born. Last year’s event included contributions from the likes of Jane Goodall, Russell Brand, Vandana Shiva and Brian Eno. People tuned in from 123 countries.

This year, the campaign is decentralizing and diversifying, as it gets taken up by groups all around the world. From Zimbabwe to Japan, Mexico to the UK, people will be celebrating and raising awareness about the power of local economies by running hands-on workshops, street protests and conferences.

Local Food Feasts

This year’s event is particularly focused on local food economies. In the words of event-organizer Helena Norberg-Hodge, “strengthening the local food economy is the thing we can all focus on to build a better world.”

By localizing our food systems, we can:

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