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The UN & its Plan to Rule the World

I have been in meetings over the 40 years of my career, which were always dancing around the idea that we needed a one-world government. There have been those who have tried to get me drunk, hypnotize me to get me on a private jet to some secret place, to try to entice me with a honey trap. Fortunately, I also had friends to train me about the tricks of the trade. You will be in a conversation, and they will ever so gradually keep lowering their voice to put you under their control. You always have to be on guard. These people, for some reason, have always wanted to get me on board. Either they thought that the correct forecasts were simply due to influence, or some actually believe I discovered what the New Yorker called the “Secret Cycle.”

Whatever their reasoning, the agenda was always the same. Here is the former head of France standing in Parliament at the EU alongside Merkel admitting that the EU was to create one European government to end all wars. This theory has been around, and I have argued against it for decades.

I have been told outright that my case was all “stitched up,” as I was told in Britain, in an attempt to desperately discredit me. What was supposed to be a $1 billion fraud was simply the bank trying to take the money. When they realized I had a $400 million profit, they gave the notes to HSBC, who then redeemed all the notes and pocketed the difference. So, I never had any restitution. They went to such lengths to try to discredit me, lying about everything possible.

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